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Flinders Island

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Flinders Island is part of a group of 55 islands called the Furneaux Archipelago which are located off Tasmania's northeastern tip. Flinders Island is the largest and has the gruesome reputation for being the site of the massacre of Tasmania's Aborigines.

Flinders Island

Now the island is known for it's beautiful unspoiled coastline and wilderness areas. People who holiday here can expect to do plenty of fishing, hiking, scuba diving and camping. There are only two settlements on Flinders Island; Whitemark is near the airstrip and the main commercial centre; and on the south coast Lady Barron, located on Adelaide Bay.

Emita Museum
Located on the west side is this museum detailing everything you need to know about the local shipwrecks and maritime history on and off the island.

Furneaux Museum
Housed in the first government school with a number of Aboriginal artefacts and old sailing relics. Emita (03 6359 2010).

Muttonbird Rookery
Located at Settlement Point which is on the west coast of Flinders Island is this viewing platform to observe the muttonbirds coming home to nest at dusk.

Strzelecki National Park
Here you will find a treasure trove of pristine coastlines, bush walks and trails, and a good hike to the top of the summit.

Trousers Point
A good place to picnic and explore the beaches and rocks at the southwestern tip of the island.

Wybalenna Historic Site
Between 1829 and 1834 Aboriginal people in Tasmania who survived the martial law were brought to Flinders Island and of the 135 transported here only 47 survived. The story is told here and the chapel, cemetery and a homestead remain.


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