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Australia tours and acitivities on sale

Free Camping in New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory

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In most parts of New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory it is alright to camp overnight (for 24hours) except on private property. If there is a sign stating no camping then it is not allowed but if there is no sign then it's alright to do so as long as you are not blocking traffic or causing a hazard.

Free camping in New South Wales

If staying on private property you must seek permission of the landowner. Many small towns have Apex Parks in which it is free to camp although a hot shower may cost a little or a donation.

Since many free camping area offer limited or no facilities it is important that you bring with you everything that you will need including drinking water and firewood. As well as bringing everything with you, you should make sure that you take everything back out again. Many camping areas don't have regular rubbish pick up so you should plan to take your rubbish with you when you go.

When camping in New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory you should abide by the following tips to ensure that you have a great stay as will those that come to camp after you:

  • Consult any camping rules and regulations before you arrive, such as permit requirements and allowable length of stay;
  • Pick up any rubbish and pet droppings;
  • Don't burn your rubbish;
  • Use established fire pits or barbeques if possible and be aware of fire bans and restrictions;
  • Don't bathe, wash dishes or clean fish in streams or lakes;
  • Respect the local wildlife, including fellow campers.


Free campsites

  1. Bandon Grove Reserve - Lat. -32.3024/Long. 151.718-Chichester Dam Road, Bendolba
    Dogs allowed/Toilet facilities
  2. Bathurst/Berry Park - Lat. -33.4171/Long. 149.594 - Lions Club Drive, Kelso
    Dogs allowed/Electric Bbqs/Toilet facilities/Max. 72 hour stay
  3. Charleyong Crossing - Lat. -35.1401/Long. 149.959 - Oallen Ford Road, Oallen
    Dogs allowed/No facilities
  4. Flea Creek - Lat. -35.3375/Long. 148.754 - Brindabella
    No dogs allowed/Toilet facilities/4WD only
  5. Jounama Creek - Lat. -35.5657/Long. 148.332 - Snowy Mountains Highway, Talbingo
    No dogs allowed/Toilet facilities
  6. Kosciuszco/Pinch River Camp - Lat. -36.7938/Long. 148/408 - Barry Way, Kosciuszko National Park
    No dogs allowed/59kms from Jindabyne/Bbqs/Toilet facilities
  7. Swans Crossing - Lat. -31.6084/ Long. 152.582 - Kerewong Road, Swans Crossing
    Dogs allowed/Toilet facilities/Campfires
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