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Free Camping Northern Territory

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The Northern Territory offers a once in a lifetime camping experience. Where else in the world can you camp near pristine waterholes, at the Kakadu wetlands or in the genuine red centre all in one state?

Northern Territory

In the Northern Territory overnight camping is not permitted, as a general rule, within a 50km radius of the nearest commercial camping ground or caravan park.

Due to the weather, terrain and vast distances involved in camping in the Northern Territory, there are some simple tips that should be followed to ensure that you have a safe trip and enjoy all that this amazing area has to offer:

  • Always camp in designated areas and away from the water's edge;
  • Carry a map and know how to read it;
  • Make sure that you carry (and drink) enough water;
  • Avoid walking during the heat of the day;
  • Make sure that you have warm clothing with you - it can get very cold at night;
  • Wear sturdy shoes and socks at all time and remember to shake out the shoes in the morning to get rid of any critters that have made their way in there during the night;
  • Take notice of all signs, particularly those to do with swimming;
  • Ensure that you are carry appropriate safety equipment - an EPIRB (emergency position indicating radio beacon), satellite phone and first aid kit as a minimum;
  • Only build fires in existing pits and extinguish carefully - limit the use of fires and be aware of any fire bans;
  • Inform yourself to the requirements of where you intend to go - make sure you have a permit if one is required;
  • And above all - tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back.


Free campsites

  1. Butterfly Springs - Lat. -15.6292/Long. 135.47 - Half way between Flying Fox &Borrolooa
    No pets allowed/Toilet facilities/ Waterfall leading to a swimming hole
  2. Curtain Springs Station - Lat. -25.3143/Long. 131.753 - Lasseter Highway, Petermann
    Dogs allowed/Free to camp but power charges and $3 donation for use of shower facilities
  3. Finiss River Crossing - Lat. -12.9672/Long. 130.76 - Litchfield Park Road, Rakula
    Dogs allowed/No facilities/No swimming in the river due to presence of crocodiles
  4. Longreach Waters - Lat. -17.6048/Long. 133.48 - Crawford Street, Elliott
    12kms West of Elliott/Dogs Allowed/No water or power/Toilets and free Bbqs
  5. Morphett Creek - Lat. -18.888/Long. 134.084 - Stuart Highway, Tablelands
    41kms North of Three Ways/Dogs allowed
  6. St. Vidgeon Ruins - Lat. -14.7812/Long. 134.887 - Roper Highway, Wilton
    4WD required/No facilities
  7. Tomato Island - Lat. -15.8768/Long. 135.088 - West of Borroloola
    Dogs allowed/No facilities


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