Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale

Free Camping South Australia

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South Australia

While camping in South Australia you can stay close to some of the best vineyards in the world, take to the Adelaide Hills and visit some of Australia's oldest settlements, discover the spectacular wildlife that calls Kangaroo Island home or just tour from beautiful beach to beautiful beach.

When camping in South Australia if an area has designated camping spots, use them. If not designated then you may camp anywhere that will not impede traffic. The usual camping etiquette is not camp approximately 2 car spaces away from other campers and to observe noise curfews.

Please be aware that Clarendon Recreation Ground is not a formal campsite so there are no facilities as such and it is a venue used for wedding ceremonies on occasions. The only facilities are toilets. There are no formal locations allocated.

We do not object to an overnight stay. However, this is not a designated camping location with appropriate facilities, so longer stays we
would recommend locating to an approved campsite. Please note no pegs should be placed in the reserve as it is irrigated.

If you have any further queries, please


Free campsites

  1. Arthurton - Lat. -34.2574/Long. 137.757 - Third Street, Arthurton
    Dogs allowed/Toilet and Bbq facilities/Overnight stay only
  2. Bon Bon Station - Lat. -30.2465/Long. 135.263 - Stuart Highway, Tarcoola
    Dogs allowed/All facilities except power
  3. Clarendon - Lat. -35.1121/Long. 138.631 - Nicolle Road, Clarendon
    D ogs allowed/Toilet facilities
  4. Coorong Bush Camp - Lat. -36.3946/Long. 139.782-Princess Highway, Coorong National Park, Coorong
  5. Corny Point/Shag Rock - Lat. -34.8953/Long. 137.017 - Lighthouse Road, Corny Point
    Dogs allowed/No facilities
  6. Dutton Bay - Lat. -34.532/Long. 135.434 - Woolshed Drive, Mt Dutton Bay
    Dogs allowed/Toilet facilities
  7. Lipson Cove - Lat. -34.2634/Long. 136.261 - Lipson Cove Road, Lipson
    Dogs allowed/Toilet facilities
  8. Germein Gorge - Lat. -32.9919/Long. 138.057 - Port Germein Gorge Road, Port Germein
    Dogs allowed/No facilities except Bbqs and fire pits
  9. Fitzgerald Bay - Lat. -32.9243/Long. 137.75 - Point Douglas Road, Whyalla
    Dogs allowed/No facilities
  10. Warren Gorge - Lat. -32.1/Long. 138.094 - Yarrah
    Dogs allowed/Toilet facilities
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