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Mt Isa

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Mt. Isa is a sprawling mining city and the main street is technically 180km long and the city is 1800 km from Brisbane. A modern town, Mount Isa is known as Australia's greatest mining town, silver, lead, copper and zinc, are mined here. The mine is impressive with many hundreds of kilometres of underground tunnels. The Hard Mines Tour allows you to descend into the tunnels.

The Kalkadoon people were the first to use the mineral to produce axes and other tools. The Europeans did not start until 1923 when John Campbell Miles discovered the vast ore deposits at a spot now marked with an obelisk. A train line to Townsville was constructed in 1927. Mount Isa is also the base point for the Lawn Hill Grove National Park and the Riversleigh Fossil Fields.

Boulia lies south of Mt. Isa and has a fossil museum with the remains of dinosaurs. It is also the area of the strange and unexplained Min Min Light which has appeared mysteriously at various times over the last century as a hovering luminescent ball.

City Lookout
The lookout provides a 360 degree of the city and the mine all lit up at night. Hilary Street.

Frank Aston Underground Museum
More mining memorabilia as well as a replica of the Kilkadoon camp. Shackleton Street.

John Middlin Mining Display
Here you can explore a fake underground mine, as well as view mineral displays and get a close up look at some of the mining machinery. Church Street (07 4749 1429).

Kalkadoon Tribal Centre
The local tribes people are the Kalkadoon and their ancestors have a violent and bloody history with the European settlers in the area. This centre tells the history of those battles. Centenary Park (07 4749 1435).

Lake Moondarra
Located 15km north of Mount Isa, this is a good place for boating and fishing, especially if it's a feed of barramundi you crave.

Riversleigh Fossil Centre
The World Heritage listed Riversleigh Fossil Fields are located 250km northwest of Mount Isa. This centre has displays and information on the history of these intriguing fossils. 19 Marian Street (07 4749 1555).

Royal Flying Doctor Base
A display of the service provided by the RFDS. 11 Barkly Highway (07 4743 2800).

Underground Mine Tour
One of the most popular sights of Mount Isa and often requires reservations well in advance. The tour lasts for three hours and there are 500km of tunnels in here (07 4749 1555).

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