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Australian Capital Territory

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Experiences in Australian Capital Territory


The Australian Capital Territory came into being on 1st January 1911 and was, as the name suggests, the area reserved for the new national capital, Canberra. The Commonwealth of Australia had been formed on 1st January 1901 and since then Melbourne had played the role of temporary capital. Now a new capital was to be built on this land given by New South Wales for that purpose.

The Australian Capital Territory
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The Australian Capital Territory comes under the direct jurisdiction of the Commonwealth (Federal) Government of Australia. Administratively, therefore, it is independent. Geographically, though, it is completely surrounded by New South Wales, on which state it tends to rely for some of its services.

There are also a number of great recreational activities for newcoming tourists in the bustling capital city.  Check out the Balloon Fiesta that takes place in Autumn, the millions of flowers that bloom during Spring at Floriade, or the Murrumbidgee Corridor if you’re interested in exploring the great outdoors. It is remarkably simple to plan your trip to Canberra with Expedia and it may result in an unforgettable vacation. Whether you decide to take a group of loved ones, a single companion, or go by yourself, it will present itself as welcoming city that is anything but boring.

The Australian Capital Territory occupies an area of 2,360 square kilometres and consists of Canberra and its suburbs, together with some surrounding countryside. That is all. It has, therefore, the distinction of being both the smallest and the most densely populated of the Australian states and territories. It even spills over into New South Wales.

Free camping in Australian Capital Territory.

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