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Australia Food and drink

Experiences in Australia

One can find almost any type of food in Australia - and one can find it in all price ranges. Some Australian restaurants are very good indeed, but if you are on a limited budget you can still find tasty food in a diversity of ethnic styles at reasonable prices. MacDonalds have established his hamburgers in every corner of the nation, and Colonel Sanders is not far behind with his fried chicken.

Australia foods

Almost every corner shop can sell you the ubiquitous meat pie, and usually has some other similar delicacies also. If you have a good appetite, the counter lunch will solve the problem. Most hotels (pubs) serve a hearty lunch at a modest price.

In Australia, each state has its own brands of beer and only in the last few years have the breweries been successful in expanding their sales into the foreign territory of other states. The most popular brand of beer is probably V.B. (Victoria Bitter), brewed, of course, in Victoria. A superior beer (in taste and price) which is gaining in popularity is Cooper’s, brewed in South Australia.

Australia food and wine

Australia has also become the home of some good quality wines. Although the Barossa Valley in South Australia has long been the most famous area for wine production, in recent years a determined challenge has come from Western Australia, and latterly from Victoria and New South Wales too

The legal drinking age is 18 and is enforced very strictly which means that you will need to have identity if you are close to 18 years of age.

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