Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale

Go Karting

Experiences in Australia

As a fast paced and exciting sport, karting allows you all the fun of being in a Grand Prix but on a smaller scale. If you are looking for high speeds and have a competitive edge then karting could be for you. As you perch atop a throbbing engine, with no suspension and minimum protection, the karts can reach up to 160 kmph, so this is not a sport for the faint hearted! The first kart was built in 1956 and since then the sport has shown no signs of slowing in its popularity, especially in Australia.

You will need a license before you can drive a kart and, whilst you can rent your vehicle, many people choose to own one. If you’d prefer to try your hand at karting before committing, then various operators around Australia offer laps on an indoor track for your enjoyment. You’ll receive a briefing and all equipment is provided, leaving you with nothing to worry about except the road in front of you.

If after a taster, if you want to pursue karting further, there are a huge range of clubs from you to choose from and receive support from other karters, tips on your own vehicle and of course, much competition.

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