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Kite surfing

Experiences in Australia

Whilst kite surfing is perhaps not the most well known extreme sport, it guarantees an adrenaline packed, water explosive adventure.There are many different forms of kite surfing but the traditional one consists of a participant using a board on water, propelled and controlled by a large kite attached to them. With this activity comes speed, power and an exhilarating experience. Gliding across the smooth surface of the ocean with only a kite to control you is an experience that many have taken part in and loved.

It is surprisingly easy to get started at kite surfing. Minimum equipment is needed and, once you have your kite, board, harness, bar and lines, you’ll be halfway there. In multiple locations in Western Australia, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and more, you can take lessons in kite surfing, learning everything from the basics through to a theory test. There is often an option available for free kite surf lessons when you purchase your equipment with some operators.

With a soft golden beach at your back, the fresh ocean below your feet and the crisp wind through your hair, there’s little that kite surfing can’t offer to a visitor to Australia.
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