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Australia tours and acitivities on sale

Australia Language

Experiences in Australia

For overseas visitors we list some of our Aussie slang words that you will hear and enjoy using. There are more and the meaning is normally guessable. Some are also used in UK but not USA.

Arvo (afternoon); barbie (BBQ); bloke (male); esky (icebox); fossick (search for something); mate (good friend or used as a greeting); outback (interior of Australia); petrol (gas); flog (sell); footpath (sidewalk); loo (toilet); ratbag (dishonest person); shout (pay for someone); sickie (a day off work due to illness); stubby (small beer bottle); ta (thanks); yakka (hard work).

The term Pom or Brit is used to describe persons of British origin and Kiwi for New Zealander; these are used in a friendly and accepted manner. Australians are friendly people and you will often hear “no worries” and “enjoy” the meaning is really meant in the use of the word and you will find yourself using it. It is important to greet and the local term “g’day mate” will be heard on occasion.

The language of ordering a coffee is complicated! Coffee has become very popular and cafes exist all over and compete to make the best. The combinations are endless! Café staff are always pleased to help and best to describe what you want and then remember the name. For example we have flat white; long black; soy flat white; strong soy flat white; skinny strong decaff latte or soy decaff latte with a twist of almond and so on! To confuse further coffee time is often referred to as “morning tea” rather than “coffee time”.

Have fun and enjoy!


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