Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale

Australia Rock Climbing

Experiences in Australia

What better way to explore various parts of Australia than from the dizzy heights achieved by rock climbing? Australia has many locations ideal for rock climbing and, whether you are a novice who is happy to venture only short distances or an expert looking for a challenge, you can guarantee that you’ll find it in Australia.

Try the stunning Blue Mountains, located about 100km west of Sydney, where the impressive sandstone provides a variety of climbing routes. Suitable for rookies and professional alike, the Blue Mountains are a great place to start your climbing adventures.

Alternatively, the Kangaroo Point cliffs in Brisbane are a great place to begin your training, as this is a sport where learning the basics is a must.

For the more serious climbers out there, the Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland, the Grampians in Victoria or the Flinders Ranges in South Australia offer a stunning visual experience as well as a thorough physical and mental challenge.

Whichever you decide to tackle, it won’t be long before you are belaying rope, making precision movements across crags and scaling some challenges that will stay with you forever.

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