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As an Olympic level sport, rafting has become one of the top-rated recreational extreme sports. Battling huge waves, rocks, fast turns, rocky riverbeds and intense climatic conditions is no easy feat, but with it comes exhilaration, skill honing and a great experience for all.

White water rafting works on a system of grades from 1 through to 6. First-timers may prefer a grade one ride where negotiation is easy and turns, if any, are gentle, while dab hands at white water rafting may prefer a higher grade where control of the raft and team work is essential to escape the rapids.

A number of operators in Queensland offer rides from grade 1 to 4 along the Tully and Barron River. With bends and turns named ‘Mother-in-Law’ and ‘Mine Field’ you are guaranteed not only a great day out but memories for life. If you prefer to have more control over Mother Nature however, you can try a white water rafting experience in Sydney which has a man-made white river course, allowing you to experience white water rafting without worrying about currents and undertows.

Whatever you decide, white water rafting offers you a thrilling experience like none other as you allow the water beneath you to determine your course.



White Water rafting tours

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Whitewater Rafting - Barron River / Half Day. Tully River / Full Day. North Johnstone River 4 Day. Take the plunge and don't miss this exciting experience.

Foaming Fury
Foaming Fury operates both Full and Half Day White Water Rafting tours as well as Port Douglas tours

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