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Australia tours and acitivities on sale

Beauty Point

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Beauty Point is the home of the Australian Maritime College and Seahorse World and Platypus House. Located near Beaconsfield and on the mouth of the Tamar River, Beauty Point is a great spot for fishing and boating. Seahorse World has tours of it's Seahorse Breeding operation. Platypus House gives an insight into the very private world of Australia's most unusual native animal. Inspection Head Wharf, 200 Flinders Street, Beauty point (03 6383 4111)


Platypus House
It’s extremely rare to see a platypus in the wild, but Beauty Point’s Platypus House does it’s best to emulate the experience, by providing visitors with the chance to see their resident platypuses in similar-to-real-life habitats. The tour begins with a 15-minute documentary, explaining about the conservation and tagging of platypuses in the wild. A staff member then leads the tour group through the building, showing artefacts, and then the platypuses as they nest, feed and swim in their enclosures. The tour concludes in the echidna room, where the cute (and spiny) little critters are free to amble around among their human visitors. This is a great experience for anyone interested in seeing some of Australia’s more unique wildlife.
Catherine Van Bergen

Seahorse World
On the opposite side of the wharf to Platypus House lies Seahorse World, a centre dedicated to breeding and conserving seahorses. Huge tanks hold hundreds of the creatures, in varying stages of growth (some have only just been born, while others are 10 or more days old). Some of the more mature seahorses can be found in aquariums. Other aquariums hold several species of rare and endangered Tasmanian fish. While you aren’t allowed to touch the live seahorses, there is a touch pool, where you get to hold or handle hermit crabs, starfish and other rock-pool sea creatures. Seahorse World also has a café area and a fantastic gift shop. Catherine Van Bergen


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