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Bourke is New South Wales most outback town, being located in the far northwestern corner of the state. The popular outback phrase "Back O' Bourke" refers to something being far away from everything which is what this township is. Bourke provides a very outback experience for tourists. Bourke is on the Darling River. Henry Lawson the poet once write that if you know "Bourke you know Australia".

Bourke is New South Wales

Aboriginal Cultural Museum
The Native aboriginals of this area are the Ngemba tribe and there are historical displays on their settlement and history in the outback. Bathurst Street (02 6839 2868).

Gundabooka National Park
This park is located 50km south of the township and has hundreds of rust red boulders with many exhibiting original aboriginal art drawings. 74km south of Bourke.

Mount Oxley
Offers great outback vies from it's peak of 309 metres and can be found 28km east of Bourke.

Back O' Bourke Exhibition Centre
Set amongst the river gums on the Darling River this centre displays a history of the outback, Cobb and Co coaches, Aboriginal heritage, unionism and much more. Kidman Way, Bourke (02 6872 1321).

Bourke Exhibition Centre

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