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Braidwood is located at 86 km south of Goulburn. An old gold rush area with big finds in 1869. The original buildings are well maintained and many restored and so creates a town of bygone years.


Braidwood is known as the principal town of the southern gold fields. Before the discovery of gold in Braidwood was a pastoral centre. It is declared as an historic town by the National Trust. A number of films have been shot here including "Ned Kelly", "The Year my Voice Broke" and "On Our Selection".

Braidwood Museum
The original Royal Mail Hotel has an extensive display on gold mining and Aboriginal history. A feature is the armour worn by Mick Jagger in Ned Kelly. Wallace Street

Monga National Park
A boardwalk goes through the rainforest. 20km from Braidwood.

The Big Hole and Marble Arch
Formed when the sandston above collapsed into the limestone cave below creating a hole 96metres deep and 50 metres wide. Marble Arch is a narrow canyon some 3 metres wide and 25 metres deep. 45 km from Braidwood.

Some of the famous attractions are: -
Museum located in Wallace Street, Braidwood which displays local Aboriginal history, Chinese settlement and gold mining artifacts.

Historical Building: -
There are other historical buildings such as St.Andrews Church located at Elrington St Braidwood. In the month of April heritage festival is conducted and in November “music at the creek” event is conducted.

14 km East of Braidwood there is a large sink hole which is popularly called as The Big Hole. There is also a Marble Arch Rock formation 45 km to the south of Braidwood near Gundillion.
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