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Bright is southeast of Wangaratta on the Great Alpine Road and 310km from Melbourne. Bright is on the Ovens River and at the foothills of the Victorian Alps and named after British politician John Bright.

Bright travel

In winter Bright is an entry point for the ski resorts of Mount Hotham and Falls Creek. Skis can be rented here as an alternative to the resorts. Chains also, which will be needed in the winter to drive up to the resorts. There are many scenic walks and bike ride trails here as well.

Art Gallery and Cultural Centre
This gallery offers three exhibition spaces and displays artworks by up and coming artists as well as cultural displays. 28 Mountbatten Avenue (03 5750 1660).

Hang Gliding
In the summer Bright is popular for hang gliding and paragliding due to the thermal currents in the valley.

Mount Buffalo National Park
This stunning National Park is only a short drive from Bright and features sheer cliffs, waterfalls and walking tracks that come with amazing views.

Old Tobacco Sheds
An insight into the tobacco industry and the gold rush. Great Alpine Road.

Rail Trail
This section of unused railway track has been converted to a popular trail ride. The track goes for 94km from Bright to Wangaratta.

A small hamlet with preserved historic buildings and a large hedge maze.

Bright, Victoria
Located in North East Victoria, Bright would have to is one of the prettiest townships in the state. The main streets are lined by magnificent maple trees and when they change colour in autumn the sight is truly amazing. The Spring Festival runs from late October to early November and has gourmet food made and produced in the region as well as gardens that are open to the public. Sarah Anderson

right Markets, Victoria
The Bright Markets operate the third Saturday of each month in the warmer seasons of the year. They are a fabulous range of local craft and produce with a free entry to all. Visitors can spend the day wandering the stalls and settle in for an evening in one of the great pubs or restaurants the town has to offer. Bed and Breakfast accommodation is a popular option for the area. Sarah Anderson

Bright Oktoberfest, Victoria
The Bright Oktoberfest runs consecutively with the Spring Festival and offers a great range of European style food and beer as well as wine and music for the whole family. A visit to the Bright Brewery while staying in the town is recommended and if you enjoy bush poetry you can sit around their open campfire sipping some of the brewery's finest and listen to the tales of days gone by as told by the local bush poets. Sarah Anderson

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