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Byron Bay Weather

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The hottest recorded temperature was 33.2C on January 18, 1977 and the hottest January on record was 29.2C in 2002. There are the odd days when the mercury doesn’t want to rise and on January 19, 1997 temperatures ‘plunged’ to 15.3C.

The humidity disappears around late March as autumn sees daytime temperatures drop to around 23. Rainfall can be quite intense during summer and in January 2002 464mm fell. The average is 163mm.

The coldest month in Byron Bay is July with an average daily maximum of 19.4 ºC and a minimum of 11.7 ºC. The ocean cools off and surfers, for which Byron is famous, will need a wetsuit. Many visitors prefer to visit in spring, which has the lowest average rainfall with the ocean temperatures beginning to warm up.

Below is the official Byron Bay weather forecast from the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology.














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