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Camperdown is 194km from Melbourne in Western Victoria and is a town historical of significance. Camperdown lies on the third largest volcanic plain in the world. 

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The town itself has a 30 meter tall Gothic style clock from 1896. The clock is on the junction of Church Street, Pike Street and Manifold Street. This junction contains the historical buildings as well as of the Post Office which dates to 1863. The court house was built in 1886 and the museum in 1896.

Manifold Street is the main thoroughfare and is easy to see due to the 2km long row of elm trees.

Outside of town is Mount Leura there is a trail to the lookout of Mount Sugarloaf which offers great views.

Lake Purrumbete has salmon and trout fishing while at Lake Bullen Merri swimming is done at the South Beach Reserve.

The botanic gardens offer a great place to relax among the gardens and trees.

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