Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale

Australia Campervan Hire

Experiences in Australia

Campervans are an excellent idea for touring Australia. All around Australia are campsites and many free places that you can park up. There are restrictions in some towns and you will be moved on if you park in those areas. For example Noosa and Byron Bay are very strict on campervan parking.

There are many Australia campervan hire companies and most are close to the main airports. It makes a lot of sense to book before you arrive as campervans are in limited supply and if you do book the campervan company in Australia will meet you are the airport.

It takes a little bit of time to show you how the campervan works so do allow a good few hours between landing and starting your journey.

There a a range of companies that hire campervans and some are mainly for backpackers and very basic and use old vehicles. Wicked for example has become famous for the graffiti on the side of the vans and the strong statements written on the back.

Do have a good look at Discovery Campervans who we have selected for the excellent service they offer and the quality of the campervans they use.

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