Best Western Hospitality Inn
This hotel may appear compact from the outside but it does boast spacious, comfortable accommodation at very reasonable rates. Rest-assured you'll sleep well! And with a popular restaurant and spotless swimming pool, this hotel manages to provide its guests with every convenience at a great price.
Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale


Experiences in Australia

Carnarvon in Western Australia was established in 1883 and 900km north of Perth at the mouth of the Gascoyne.

Carnarvon travel guide

Big Dish
The Big Dish was one of the world’s main links with the Gemini and Apollo space missions. The dish has a diameter of 29.6 metres.

Carnarvon Space Tracking Station
There is a museum inside the pedestal of the big dish and gives a good story of the link between Australia and the US space history.

Chinaman's Pool
A picnic area and swimming pool on the Gascoyne River.

Lighthouse Museum
The Lighthouse Museum is to be found near the jetty, and is in the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage.

One Mile Jetty
The One Mile Jetty was constructed in 1897 and widened in 1912, then damaged by fire in 1988, but now restored. There is a little steam train which runs along the jetty.

The Blowholes
The Blowholes about 25 km north of Carnarvon blow water 20 metres high. The journey is interesting and passes large sand dunes and good coastal views. There are nearly 30 blowholes.

Carnarvon travel guide

The Gascoyne River
A river that is dry for most of the year but when it flows water moves inland due to the large desert water aquifier that lies at the mouth of the river, sounds strange, yes it is!


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