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Charters Towers

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Charters Towers was one of Queensland's former gold mining towns, and the ornate architecture reflects it's golden history. The town is located in the Leichhardt Range district, 124km inland from Townsville.

Charters Towers

The Stock Exchange Museum
This impressive building was erected in 1897, it has undergone restoration and is now a mining museum.

Venus Battery
This mill is the remnant of Charter's Towers ore crushing days, when once lots of these mills operated in the area. Millchester Road (07 4752 0314).

Porcupine Gorge National Park
Located quite a long way from Charters Towers, 245km west, is this green oasis amidst the harsh brown outback of central Queensland. There is a flowing creek here that drops into the gorge, where the cliff faces are a sheer 120 metres high.

Located between Charters Towers and Townsville is this gold mining ghost town. A huge gold rush started here in 1868, with the largest mine closing ion 1912. All that's left now are abandoned mineshafts, buildings and machinery which give you a look into it's mining history.

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