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Cooma is 120 kilometres south of Canberra and is a cross roads. From here, roads run north to Canberra and Sydney, south to Melbourne, east to the Sapphire Coast and west to the ski resorts and Albury. Cooma is regarded as the main town in the Snowy Mountains region. The name Cooma derives from the Aboriginal word "coombah" meaning big lake or open country.


Cooma achieved prominence in the 1950s when it became the headquarters for the Snowy Mountains Scheme which diverted the eastward flowing rivers of this area west through a long tunnel into the Murray River, permitting the generation of electricity as it did so. Nowadays, Cooma is known as a base for the ski resorts which lie further west in Australia’s highest mountains. Visitors are attracted to the nearby ski fields in winter, and to the cool, fresh air of the Snowy Mountains in summer. They enjoy Cooma's cultural heritage, and the town's natural attractions.

Cooma Manaro Railway
The line from Queanbeyan to Cooma was closed in 1989 and now open in part. This 1924 engine departs for rides along the historic railway tracks of Cooma every weekend. Bradley Street, Cooma (02 6452 7791)

Centennial Park
Located in the heart of the town, it is a popular place to walk through and picnic in. A highlight is the unusual sculpture of The Man From Snowy River.

Kosciuszko Memorial
Built by the Polish Government to commemorate Tadeuz Kossciuszko a champion of the poor and the name given to Australia's highest mountain.

Lambie Town Walk
This is a lovely walk through Cooma, it takes in the heritage sights of the town. The walk starts in Centennial Park and goes for about 10km.

Mt Gladstone
3.5 km west of Cooma with good views of the Snowy Mountains and Monaro Plains.

NSW Correctional Centre Museum
The story of prison life in New South Wales.

Past times Country Craft Centre
About 5km west of Cooma the home of the Ashford Spinning and Wool. 583 Snowy Mountains Highway

Raglan Gallery & Cultural Centre
Inside the Lord Raglan Inn built in 1854 with regional artworks. 11 Lambie Street, Cooma. (02 6452 3377)

Snowy Mountains Hydro-Information and Education Centre
Displays and models on this impressive hydro scheme along with a memorial that commemorates the 121 people killed while working on building the scheme. Monaro Highway. Monaro Highway, Cooma 1800 623 776

Tuross Falls
Water falls that drop 35 metres and part of Wadbilliga National Park. 30km from Cooma.

Wadbilliga National Park
This park is close to the town and is filled with rugged mountain ranges, deep river valleys, pockets of rainforest and wide plateaus. Highlights of this park are the Tuross Falls and Tuross River Gorge.

The Snowy Hydro Visitor and Education Centre
Gives the visitor an insight into the Snowy Mountains Scheme from its inception, construction right through to the present day. You can learn about the supply of electricity and water management. There are interactive displays, models, exhibits as well as recourse tools and educational programs. The centre in open 7 days a week.  Paula Duggan

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