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Country hotels aren't just a place for the locals to get together for a drink. Many also provide excellent accommodation at a reasonable price.

As the name suggests, country hotels can be found throughout Australia , in country towns of all sizes. Many quiet, older-style hotels can be found in areas that were once a hive of activity, for example, in towns that were once part of a mining area or were stopovers for travellers in the days of four-legged horse power.

Many hotels that survived this time have been refurbished in their original style and now have heritage value. Of course, country hotels aren't restricted to historic areas. Both older-style and more modern country hotels providing accommodation can be found in towns large and small.
One advantage of country hotels is that many can provide breakfast, lunch and dinner on the premises. The lounge and bar facilities also mean that guests can have a quiet drink on their own or can mix with other patrons and gain insights into the local area.

Accommodation at country hotels is generally in a single room, though some also offer suites. Single, double and, sometimes, family rooms are available. Cost for a room is generally in the $60 to $200 per night range, while suites can cost up to $280. Some hotels include a light breakfast in the tariff.


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