Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale


Experiences in Australia

Currie, Tasmania is located on King Island, a small island between the main island of Tasmania and the southern shore of Australia.  It's location is in a partly sheltered natural harbor on the west side of the island, but in the past, many ships were wrecked near Currie.

The lighthouse at Currie Harbor was built in 1879, and is very unique in that it is made of iron.  It was fabricated in England and then shipped to King Island to be constructed.  It is still in use.  There is a museum located in the keepers house.

King Island Golf and Bowling Club
The golf course at Currie has undulating fairways which resemble the golf courses in Scotland.  The course is exposed to the west winds and offers a challenging game as well as ocean views.  There are also grounds for bowling and squash on the premises.

Snorkeling opportunities
The beaches around Currie on King Island offer great snorkeling adventures.  Divers can explore the undersea life or they can poke around old shipwrecks.



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