Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa
If you've ever hankered after living the life of Tarzan and Jane, try the Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa. Just don't try and swing from the trees. This extraordinary place isn't just a holiday resort, it's an experience. And if the accommodation doesn't have you sleeping soundly, the spa treatments and lush rainforest will leave you of sound body and mind. Absolutely beautiful.
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Australia tours and acitivities on sale


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The base for the Daintree National Park and a popular tourist area.

Daintree river

Daintree National Park
Broken into three sections, Mossman Gorge, Snapper Island and Cape Tribulation. Close to Daintree is the popular Mossman Gorge with walking trails and water holes.

Daintree Timber Gallery
Hand carved local wood. Stewart Street.

Daintree travel


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