Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale


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Denham is located on the middle peninsula off Shark Bay which is 833 km to the north of the State Capital. Denham is the most Westerly town in Australia. Captain Denham surveyed the area and a town on his name was established in the year 1858. Pearling is the main industry of Denham and the populations is a mixture of Malays, Chinese and Europeans. Shark Bay is a World Heritage Area renowned for the wild Dolphins that come inshore at Monkey Mia.

Attractions in the town
Stone on which Capt. Denham carved his name; it is located at Pioneer Park on the Hughes Street. Shark Bay fisheries are located on the Dampier Rd, Denham.

Attractions in the Area
Monkey Mia located 26 km to the North East has wild Dolphins which come inshore to be fed. Dugong watching cruses operate daily from Denham; board on for some amazing memories. Shark Bay Heritage trail has some superb coastal scenery.

Catamarans MV hartog explorer and Sea Eagle offer cruises from Denham. Safaris, Coach Tours, boat trips and charter flights are provided to Historic Dirk Hartog Island. Eagle Bluff located 20 km to the south of Denham has habitat of sea eagle. Shell Beach located 50 km to the south of Denham has 110 km of unique coastline which has countless tiny shells. Spectacular scenery can be seen at Steep point located at the western most point on mainland; it is 260 km to the west by road and 4wd drive only.



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