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Australia tours and acitivities on sale


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Derby is the oldest town in the Kimberley, gazetted in 1883. Derby is located on King Sound near the mouth of the Fitzroy River with very large tides. Derby is a popular place to start your tour of The Kimberley region as a lot of the tour companies operated out of the town.

Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens are in the centre of the town.

Derby Cultural Centre
This is centre has a palm tree botanic garden to stroll through as well as Aboriginal artifacts displays and local arts and crafts. Loch Street (08 9191 1712).

Prison Tree
South of the town is Derby’s Boab Tree, known as the Prison Tree, used as a staging point for prisoners being walked into Derby. Its age is estimated at 1,500 years and it has a girth of 14.7 metres.

The jetty is a good location for fishing and for watching the sunset.

Wharfingers House Museum
Wharfingers House Museum is near the town end of the road which runs across the mud flats to the jetty.



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