Twofold Bay Beach Resort

If you can cope with hordes of holidaymakers during the summer, then the Twofold Bay Beach resort could be just for you. We booked a two bedroom poolside unit that did get a bit noisy. That said - the pool facilities are second to none and the private beach even better. Great facilities all round, and that proves why it's popular.

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Australia tours and acitivities on sale


Experiences in Australia

When you stand on the hilltop in Eden and gaze on it's beautiful coastline it's not hard to see how it scored it's perfect nametag. Stunning views are the highlight of a visit to this small township, located on the Sapphire Coast. Eden was once a whaling station and is now a popular deep fishing port. The town is located close to the Victorian Border and 500km south of Sydney.

Eden travel

Aslings Beach
A surf beach with rockpools and platforms to observe whales from October to November. Aslings Beach Road.

Eden Killer Whale Museum
There is an old whaling station at Kiah Inlet, ten kilometres south of Eden. The Eden Killer Whale Museum, in the town, has exhibits from the time when whalers utilized the services of killer whalers to help them to herd the whales into the bay. 94 Imlay Street (02 6496 2094).

Ben Boyd National Park
This park is split in two by Twofold Bay and boasts a stunning coastline. The most visible feature here is Boyd's Tower which was used for spotting whales when it was erected in the 1840's, later it was used as a lighthouse. Haycock Point to the north of the park has a picnic area.

Ben Boyd National Park

Green Cape Lighthouse
Perched on a headland at the endge of Ben Boyd National Park and built in 1881. Next to the lighthouse is a cemetry where the 71 people who lost their lives on Ly-ee-Moon are buried.

Jiggamy Farm
Aboriginal cultural and bush tucker experience. 9km from Eden.

Mount Imlay National Park
Located 19km south of Eden this park boasts an 886metre mountain peak surrounded by lush forest vegetation. Mount Imlay is a popular climb which is a 3km each way hard slog, but worth it for the views.

Twofold Bay
This deep body of water is lined by rocky headland and beaches and is a haven for humpback whales and for various other species, even including the occasional rare blue whale. The whales migrate south each year and are to be found here from September until November.
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