Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale


Experiences in Australia

Located just 24 km. north of Launceston, Tasmania, the small town of Exeter makes a nice day trip from that larger city.  It's located in a fertile farming area in the Tamar River valley.  Some of the farm products from the area are fruit, lavender, cattle, and sheep.

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Brady's Lookout
Brady's Lookout is a high point where one can see a vast panoramic view of the Tamar Valley region.  It was named after Matthew Brady, the "gentleman bushranger," who escaped imprisonment in the 1820's.  From this vantage point, Brady would scan the countryside for possible victims to rob.  Brady's  Lookout is now outfitted with picnic tables and public restrooms.

A few kilometers south of Exeter on the West Tamar Highway lies the Swiss-style village of Grindelwald.  All of the buildings and homes, over 100 of them, are reminiscent of those in Switzerland.  See chalets, window boxes, and more while visiting in Tasmania.


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