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Flinders Ranges

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Things to Do in Flinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges stretch a long distance from near Port Pirie and consist of a number of towns, settlements and vast landscapes. Flinders Range National Park, covers an area of 94,908 hectares. A gateway to the park is Wilpena Pound that appears like a huge crater. There are seventeen walking trails within the Flinders Range National Park. There are aboriginal art sites, and two long-abandoned copper mines. The most spectacular gorge is Brachina Gorge, to reach which one follows the Brachina Gorge Geological Trail.


Birdsville Track
Hawker has the Yourambulla Caves decorated with aboriginal art, and the Kanyaka ruins lie a little south of Hawker and Fred Teague’s Museum at Hawker Motors is a collection of gemstones, minerals, fossils, photographs and bottles.

Lake Eyre
Lake Eyre is a huge salt lake. And made up of Lake Eyre South and Lake Eyre North, and capture water from about one sixth of Australia.

Leigh Creek
Leigh Creek is quite a sizeable town. Coal was first mined here in 1941 and from here comes the fuel for the power stations in Port Augusta.

Mount Remarkable National Park
Mount Remarkable National Park is between Port Pirie and Port Augusta and good for walking and wildlife.

Innamincka lies on the southern bank of Cooper Creek, flocks of birds congregate here. Coongie Lakes are 112 kilometres north-west of Innamincka.

Marree Marree
Marree Marree was the base for the teams of camels which headed north with supplies and now a tourist base. Marree is the start of the Birdsville Track.

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