Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale

George Town

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Nestled on the east bank of the mouth of the Tamar River in northeastern Tasmania, George Town has a population of about 4100 people, making it one of the larger towns in the region.  It was the third town in Australia to be settled, after Sydney and Hobart, making it rich with history.

Low Head
Traveling north from George Town a few kilometers on the East Tamar Highway, tourists reach the small village of Low Head, which could really be considered part of George Town.  It is located on a small peninsula. The lighthouse there features a special historic foghorn that can be heard each Sunday at noon.  There is also a pilot station at Low Head which was built by convicts in 1805 and is still in use.  Another interesting activity for visitors to this area is penguin watching.

The Grove
The Grove is a historic Georgetown home that can be explored by visitors.  It is located at the corner of Elizabeth and Cemitiere Streets.  Historians are unsure of exactly when the house was completed, but it was probably before 1835.


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