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Gundagai is a much celebrated town in song and verse. This town is situated on the Murrumbidgee River at the foot of the Mount Parnassus. Approximate distance from Sydney would be 398 km towards South West. This town faced Australia`s worst flood disaster in the year 1852.

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Attractions in the town
Marble carving of Cathedral which comprises over 20,000 pieces by Frank Rusconi, who was also the sculpter of tucker box dog which is on display at the information centre, Sheridan Street Gundagai. Gabriel Gallery present on the Sheridan Street has the largest photographs, letters and possessions of poet Henry Lawson.  National trust classified court house which witnessed historic trials. National trust classified Prince Alfred Bridge belonging to the year 1866 and it is the longest timber viaduct in Australia.

Attractions in the Area
Five miles from Gundagai approximately 8 km to the north, one can find The Dog on the Tucker Box which is a monument to pioneer teamsters and their dogs. Asparagus plantation is present at Jugiong 41 km to the North East of Gundagai.

Dog on Tucker Box - Situated at Snake Gully, 5 miles (as the song says) from Gundagai. Sculpted by local stonemasons the Dog on the Tucker Box was unveiled as a tribute to the early settlers and brave pioneers.  Great place for a break from driving, you can read the story of the dog that inspired it all and grab a bite to eat at the food court which includes the Tucker Box Restaurant, service station and several fast food outlets.  Paula Duggan

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