Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale


Experiences in Australia

On the banks of the Mary River with the Mary Valley north of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Home of the first gold rush in Queensland.


Amamoor State Forest
A bit of original forest where it is possible to see a platypus.

Gold Mining Museum
The history of gold mining in Gympie.


A small town at the end of the railway and close to Lake Borumba.

Mary Valley Heritage Railway
Also known as the "Valley Rattler" a 1923 train that runs from Gympie along the Mary Valley to Imbil.

Gympie Mine
A couple of hours drive north of Brisbane the Gympie Gold Mine and historical Museum is a great place to visit. Here you can see tool and implements used in the mine as well as displays showing transport, rural life, the military and steam developments. A blacksmith shop, bullock wagon and 1925 Republic truck are included in the many things to see. There is a kiosk and souvenir shop on sight. A small admission charge to the museum and mine is applicable.   Paula Duggan

The Valley Rattler
The Valley rattler is a steam train provides a great scenic journey from the southern end of Gympie, through the Mary Valley, across the Mary River and follows it along, exploring the tributaries and then winds its way back to the Old Gympie Railway Station which was first used in the 1900s Gold Rush.     Paula Duggan

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