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Hastings, is a tiny settlement in the far south section of Tasmania.  It is of interest to visitors, however, because of the natural hot springs and dolomite caves in the area.  Hastings is around 100 km. south of Hobart, and is located on the Huon Highway.  Nearby towns are Southport and Dover.

Hastings travel information

Thermal Springs
A visitor center is located at the Hastings Thermal Springs area.  Visitors can picnic or swim in the hot springs.  The springs feeding the pools stay around 28 degrees Celsius (or 82 degrees Fahrenheit.)  Visitors can also buy tickets here to see the caves, which are a five km. drive away.

Hastings Caves
The Hastings Caves are three huge dolomite caverns that were discovered by forest workers in 1917.  Visitors can go on a 45 minute guided tour of the largest of the caves, called Newdegate Cave.  There are no narrow passages to struggle through, but many interesting rock formations in this spacious, well lit cave.



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