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Jindabyne is at the heart of the Snowy Mountains Scheme and is the closest town to most of the NSW ski fields and 40km from Cooma. The Snowy Mountains scheme it was one of the great engineering feats of the twentieth century.

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It required the construction of sixteen large dams in this area, as well as many smaller dams, and also resulted in the building of seven hydro-electric power stations. The remains of the old town lie submerged under Lake Jindabyne and can occasionally be glimpsed when lake levels are low. Modern Jindabyne is a year round holiday resort.

In winter Jindabyne is a base for skiers bound for the major resorts in Kosciuszko National Park and for the rest of the year it's a great place from which to go bushwalking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and canoeing, horse riding and kayaking.

The Movie Jindabyne is a 2006 Australian Drama film. Jindabyne was filmed entirely on location in and around the town and subsequently has made the name Jindabyne famous nationally and internationally.

Buchan Caves
The Royal and Fairy Caves are open to view and have good stalactites and stalagmites. South of Jindabyne along the Barry Way.

Lake Jindabyne
Lake Jindabyne is the southernmost of the lakes formed or extended by this damming.The lake provides superb opportunities for trout fishing and water sports.

In winter Jindabyne is a base for the ski resorts in the area. The Ski tube runs up to Perisher Blue. Nighttime is big in Jindy mainly due to the workers at the ski resorts many of whom stay in Jindabyne.


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