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Australia tours and acitivities on sale

Jurien Bay

Experiences in Australia

Jurien Bay is located 266 km North of Perth and is a lobster fishing centre on a sheltered bay. It has a reputation of being angler`s paradise. Jurien bay boat harbor is a 17 ha inland marina which has excellent boating facilities.

Attractions in the town
Tours of rock lobster processing factory located on the Roberts road are conducted during the fishing season. In the month of January windsurfing carnival is conducted and in the month of November rock-lobster season is started.

Attractions in the Area
Spectacular land dunes are present along the coast. Cockleshell Gully located 31 km to the North has great diversity of Flora and Fauna. Gully National Park (4WD access only) located 50 km to the north of Jurien bay has walk through  of 300 m Stockyard gully tunnel along the winding underground creek, torch is must. At nearby Nambung national park at the Pinnacles there are thousands of spectacular calcified spires of 1-4 m height and they are dated to around 30,000 years old and they are scattered over 400 ha of multi colored desert sand.




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