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Karijini National Park is 250 kilometres from Port Headland, the second largest of the National Parks in Western Australia. Formerly known as the Hamersley Ranges National Park, it can be reached off the Great Northern Highway, 180km west of Newman. There are waterfalls and gorges, mountains, rivers and diverse flora and fauna. There are some great adventure trails through the park, with walking and swimming being the main activities.

Karijini National Park

Dale’s Gorge
This gorge is is the most lush of the gorges and is located 10kms east of the visitors centre. There is a waterfall her called Fortesque Falls and close by is a large swimming hole. There is also a trail to Circular Pool which resembles a bowl made out of rock and is surrounded by ferns.

Hamersley Gorge
This gorge is located at the western border of the park and some 100km from Dale's Gorge and the Visitors centre. The Fortesque River runs through here and the colors of the rock and water combinations are vibrant.

Kalamina Gorge
This is the most beautiful gorge and is also easy to explore so very popular.

Mount Bryce
Known to be WA's second highest mountain, towering to 1235 metres is Mount Bryce. You can climb it to see the amazing view but be warned it is 9km trek and estimated return climb is 6 hours.

Oxer Lookout
This spectacular lookout provides a good viewpoint from the edge of a hundred metre drop and you can see the four different gorges.

Weano Gorge
This is the deepest gorge and the most challenging. You may need an experienced guide to take you to this one. A good degree of fitness is required to tackle Weano Gorge as it is quite adventurous.

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