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Kellerberrin is located 203 km to the east of Perth on the Great Western Highway and is 246 meters above the sea level. The word Kellerberrin is initially thought to originate from the word `Kellabrin` which was the name for the giant ant colony located on the side of the hill according to the local folklore though.

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Attractions in town
First European settlers settled in the city in the late 1861. A member of Yilgram observed that Kellerberrin was a place of “one man and a dead Kangaroo”. Kellerberrin folk museum was built in the year 1897 which was initially the town`s agricultural hall. There are other historic buildings in the area such as the school, Court house, and offices for the local Roads Board, etc.

The museum has interesting collection of photographs which depict the coming of Kellerberring to this modern age. Pioneer Park is situated adjacent to Kellerberrin which has a number of old steam engines which were in operation during the early days of Kellerberrin transportation. In 1887 gold was discovered in Kellerberrin at Southern Cross. There were fossickers and wanderers throughout the area on the Old York Road.The first settler of Kellerberring was E.R. Parker. 


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