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King Island

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King Island is surrounded by some of the roughest seas in Australia, as it is located in the heart of the Bass Strait. This island is the main one in the Hunter Group Islands and is located midway between Victoria and Tasmania. The only way for passengers to access King Island is by air, even though ships do dock here there are no provisions for passenger ferries. King Island is an important navigational point for ships, and it's lighthouse has saved many a ship from smashing on the rocks here.

King Island

King Island is a popular tourist destination due to it's peaceful outlook, long sandy beaches and rare isolation from the mainlands. The main town is Currie, which is located on the west coast and is popular for it's fishing harbour. Grassy, a former mining town is located on the southeast coast, with Naracoopa on the east coast is a lovely seaside town.

Cape Wickham Lighthouse

This is King Island's main and most important lighthouse. It is Australia's tallest lighthouse and was built in 1861 and has kept a hectic schedule since it began watching over the Bass Strait.

Calcified Forest
An ancient petrified forest of tree trunks believed to be up to 30 million years old. Seal Rocks Reserve.

Currie is the main business centre for Kings Island. Currie's unusual steel lighthouse was prefabricated in England and assembled in site.

Lavinia Nature Reserve
Located in the Northwest, this bird life sanctuary houses many rare and beautiful birds.

The King Island Dairy
King Island cheeses are known world wide, and they produce award winning blue cheeses. The factory is located here and there are cheese tasting and sales outlets here as well. The dairy is located nine kilometres north of Currie. North Road, Loorana (03 6462 1348).

Shipwreck Trail
The amount of ships wrecked on this treacherous strait is astonishing. There is a shipwreck trail walk pointing out some of the 70 shipwrecks sites. There are diving tours of the wrecks which are very popular with the tourists.

King Island Historical Museum
This museum has displays and stories of some of the tragic shipwrecks and is housed in the former lighthouse keeper's cottage.

Yarra Creek Gorge
King Island has some good native trails and bush walks, this gorge has some good walks with the likelihood of seeing wildlife quite high. The fern gullies are popular swimming holes for platypus.


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