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Australia tours and acitivities on sale


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Once the third largest town in Tasmania, Latrobe is now a quiet suburb of Devonport, located just 11 km. (7 mi.) south on the Mersey River.  The population of Latrobe is only 2700, but the town is host to many interesting attractions and festivals.  One distinction of the town is that Latrobe has been called the platypus capitol of the world.

Bells Parade Reserve
Bells Parade, the site of the old port, is a popular spot near Latrobe for picnicking and enjoying nature.  There are a variety of things to do in this region, including viewing a nature display called the Platypus Experience, which teaches all about these unusual creatures.  Bells Parade is located along the Mersey River just northwest of Latrobe.

Axeman's Hall of Fame
In the early days of settlers to Tasmania, wood-cutting was an important skill.  The Axeman's Hall of Fame, located on Bells Parade near Latrobe, pays homage to this skill and sport, with a museum depicting the heritage of handling an axe.

Gilbert Street
Gilbert Street in Latrobe, Tasmania, is home to 76 buildings that are heritage listed, making it a popular spot for people who are interested in history.



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