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Mackay is located in Queensland Australia. The Mackay region in North Queensland lies in the heart of some of the most visited tourist areas in Australia.

Mackay has recently started to undergo a transformation, as tourism is increasing and people begin to appreciate the amenities, attractions, beaches and location that make Mackay the ideal base for an Australian holiday. Mackay enjoys a picturesque location, as it is surrounded up and down the coastline with a number of beautiful beaches.

As well as being a destination in its own right, Mackay makes an ideal base from which to explore many of the highlights of Queensland. The Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsundays are all within close proximity and you can arrange short tours or longer stays to both of these popular tourist attractions.

Mackay has excellent road transport links up to Cairns along the North coast and down towards Brisbane going south. There are also a number of train services, making it a good stop-off point if you are taking a rail holiday. Mackay airport serves most major destinations in the country, with a number of airline operators working out of the airport.

Mackay travel

Mackay accommodation is diverse, ranging from modest guesthouses to luxurious beachside Mackay hotel complexes and the choice is constantly increasing, as more establishments open.

Mackay car rental

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Mackay weather
Mackay’s weather is tropical, with hot summers and warm sunny winters. The city is situated 400km north of the Tropic of Capricorn and its weather is likened to Hawaii. Summers are typically tropical, hot and wet, although an afternoon sea breeze does help cool things down.

The region lies in what is known as the tradewind belt for most of the year and this results in south to south east winds. Daytime temperatures during Summer average 29-30C, falling to 23C at night. Mackay’s average annual rainfall is 1585mm with most falling during December-March. August and September are almost totally dry. read more about the weather in Mackay.

Mackay in a day
Mackay is the gateway to some of the world’s most beautiful islands and the one of a kind Great Barrier Reef. There can be no better way to start your day than with a morning cruise around the Whitsunday Islands. Charter tours can take you snorkelling, diving or fishing out on the crystalline waters off shore and you can meet some of the colourful local marine life up close. Alternatively, there are Jet Ski tours for those who are a little more daring.

When you hit dry land you are sure to be famished after a busy morning out in the sea breeze and bright sunshine. Splash out and take in the best dining location in town as you lunch on the deck at Pacino’s on the waterfront. The outstanding ambiance and location are enough to warrant the visit, but the food is divine too with juicy seafood dishes and authentic pizzas and pastas.

After lunch you are in for one of those “pinch me” moments when you discover the Cape Hillsborough National Park. The park is a 50 km drive from Mackay and boasts more than 1000 hectares of sub-tropical rainforest. If feeding wild wallabies on a rainforest meets the sea deserted beach is on your bucket list, then get ready to put a check next to it. There are various easy hiking trails and boardwalks to stroll along in the park. In fact, you can walk in the footsteps of Captain Cook here who named the area. In the afternoon there are often rock pools along the beach that make interesting exploring. Alternatively, you can visit the Eungella National Park and enjoy the opportunity of seeing a platypus in the wild and the Pioneer Valley waterfalls. read more about Mackay.

Mackay tour

Visitors to Mackay will be interested to learn that Captain Cook was one of very first explorers to put a foot down on the soil in the late 1700s. However, it wasn't formally settled until one hundred years later when an expedition, led by John Mackay, went out searching for suitable grazing land. He named the area after his father. Mackay soon flourished as settlers arrived to stake their claims to land. It wasn't long before the success of the sugar crops in other parts of Queensland were replicated in Mackay. Today, Mackay produces over one-third of the country's sugar and you will often hear it referred to as the sugar capital of Australia.

Mackay has a wide range of attractions and there is something for everyone, from sun-worshippers to outdoors enthusiasts. A number of picturesque islands are dotted along the coastline and day tours or overnight stays with accommodation can be arranged to many of them. Eungella National Park is a must-see attraction, as it boasts the longest area of sub-tropical rainforest in the country. It is situated just one hour away from Mackay and day tours are possible. In Mackay city itself you will find top-quality restaurants, great shopping and examples of heritage buildings that have been fully restored. Mackay Marina Village is a popular spot for eating out and it is also home to a number of quality Mackay hotels.


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