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Maldon is located between Castlemaine and Bendigo about 136km from Melbourne. Maldon was classified as Australia's first notable town by the National Trust in 1966 and it has been perfectly preserved. Maldon still retains the feel of a mining era and contains a large list of historical buildings.

Railway Station was built in 1884 and the Grand Hotel just after that in 1888. The old Post Office dates back to 1870. The buildings are all set in and around Church Street, Main Street, High Street and Camp Street.

Maldon has turned a lot of buildings into cafes, galleries and antiques shops. The town is the same as it was when it was booming from the mining industry.

Anzac Hill, south of the town, gives great views of the town. Mount Tarrengower was a center of the gold mining industry in the 1850s. The mountain is 580 meters high.

Maldon Historic Reserve is an area which contains the relics and forests of the gold mining period and encompasses the town.

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