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Monkey Mia

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Monkey Mia has become internationally famous for it's dolphins. They arrive every morning to see who has come to greet them and play with them. The whole area of which Monkey Mia is a part is known as Shark Bay, a World Heritage Area. Monkey Mia is 25km northeast of Denham.

When the dolphins come, you can just paddle in to play with them or take a cruise where you will see dugong (‘sea cows’) that live off sea grass in Shark Bay. The dolphins usually arrive at 8am looking for food and that's when the beach gets very congested with tourists. However, feeding is allowed three times a day between the hours of 8am and 1pm, so the dolphins often arrive back for more and often it is not as crowded then.

If the dolphins are a no show there is always plenty of other sea creatures to view in these waters including tropical fish, turtles, dugongs, manta rays and from June to October Humpback Whales make an appearance.

Stromatolites, the world’s oldest type of living fossil are also found in the area and tours area viable to see them.

Blue Lagoon Pearl
This glass bottom boat will transport you to a pearl farm, where you can learn about the pearl industry and also purchase pearl jewelry (08 9948 1325).

Boat Cruises
You can take sailing cruises into the bay, there are several types, such as morning cruises, wildlife cruises and sunset cruises.
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