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Pemberton is about 5 hours south of Perth. Well known for the karri forest and setting inside the forest. Pemberton's industrial history was the timber mill industry and there is plenty of evidence of that in the wooden cottages and woodcraft galleries. However, it is recently becoming more popular for it's wineries, national parks and bushwalking.

Fine Woodcraft Gallery
Pemberton is known for its woodcrafts and this gallery has displays of some of the best that are made in the area. Dickinson Street (08 9776 1399).

Gloucester Tree
The Gloucester Tree is a fire look out and the highest fire lookout tree in the world. The lookout structure is situated sixty metres above the ground, and can be climbed. The tree is named the Gloucester Tree after the Duke of Gloucester, Governor-General of Australia at the time, who visited and inspected the construction of the lookout in 1946.The Gloucester Tree is located in the Gloucester National Park.

Karri Visitors’ Centre
In the centre of the town of Pemberton, you will find the Karri Visitors’ Centre, which incorporates the Pioneer Museum, the Karri Forest Discovery Centre and the Pemberton Tourist Centre.

Pemberton Mill
Sawmill tours are offered by Pemberton Mill, which started its life in 1912 cutting sleepers for the Trans-Australian Railway.

Pemberton Trams
This is a great scenic way to see the forest and explore once you get there. The trams run along to the Warren River Bridge and Northcliffe. Railway Cres (08 9776 1322).

Warren National Park
It is here that you will find the Bicentennial Tree, which is a living lookout that was established in 1988, hence the name. Here you will find perfect views from the top. There are bushwalking tracks through here that lead to the Warren River and also riverside picnic and camping spots. Warren National Park is located 12km west of Pemberton

Pemberton is becoming quietly popular for it's wineries with the wines being cool climate varieties. There are at least 10 cellar doors you can visit and some offer food as well. Salitage is believed to have some of the best wines in the region and is Pemberton's grandest. There are tours through the winery, wine tasting and a restaurant. Located 10km from Pemberton on the Vasse Highway (08 9776 1771).

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