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The Pinnacles are part of the Nambung National Park in Western Australia. Lancelin is the small town which lies to the south of the Pinnacles, and Cervantes is the slightly larger town which lies immediately to the north of them. And about 250 km north of Perth.

The Pinnacles consist of curious rock formations protruding from the shifting sands in a small coastal desert area north of Perth. The Pinnacles are limestone pillars, thousands of them rising out of the yellow sands like stone termite mounds. They are up to four metres in height and seem like an extra-terrestrial landscape.

The Pinnacles cover an area of approximately 400 hectares. A good view is from the Pinnacles lookout and where the contrast between the Red Desert to the east and the White Desert to the west can be observed.

Nambung National Park
This park is home to the extraordinary Pinnacles. There are several walking trails and look outs here.

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