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Australia budget restaurants

Afghan Charcoal Kebab & Bakery
256-258 Thomas St, Dandenong 3175
Telephone: (03) 9794 5558
Cuisine: Afghan

Over that last few years there has been a veritable flood of excellent Afghan restaurants opening their doors in Dandenong. The Afghan Charcoal Kebab & Bakery is one of the better establishments to follow this trend. All of the Kebabs on offer or grilled over a charcoal bed, which is hand fanned. The meat is marinated and cooked to perfection; it is tender but still delivers a meaty chewing experience, one which sets the taste buds aflame. Every Kebab comes with a large bread wrapper and is folded into paper. The prices at the Afghan Charcoal Kebab & Bakery are modest and $10 buys you a hearty feast. The Afghan Charcoal Kebab & Bakery is split into two parts, at the front can be found the takeaway section whilst towards the back are a handful of tables.

Athenian Greek Restaurant
11 Barrack St, Sydney 2000
Telephone: (02) 9262 2624
Cuisine: Greek
Situated inside an impressive sandstone building, typical of the Sydney city centre the Athenian Greek Restaurant exploits these opulent surroundings by presenting reproduction Greek decor in the form of very authentic looking Greek columns and wonderful frescos. The Athenian Greek Restaurant has recently revamped its menu and now concentrates more upon simple grilled fish dishes which cost around $25. Lamb is also another firm fixture upon the menu at the Athenian Greek Restaurant, with dishes averaging around $20.

Brunswick Street Alimentari
251 Brunswick St, Fitzroy 3065
Telephone: (03) 9416 2001
Cuisine: Deli Food
Brunswick Street Alimentari is one of the most popular delis in Fitzroy, freshly made foccacias, heavily laden rolls and fat sandwiches are the order of the day here. The deli counter also offers a large selection of packaged foods which can be taken away. For the more adventurous wishing to design that perfect sandwich, the back counter features a vast array of unique and imported ingredients which can be sampled. A cold counter contains a range of cheeses, sliced meats and other imported foods, allowing the eater to take home a taste of Brunswick Street Alimentari to be enjoyed at their leisure.

Ying Thai
235 Victoria St, Abbotsford 3067
Telephone: (03) 9419 1225
Cuisine: Thai
Ying Thai is a restaurant which is noted for two primary reasons; firstly the incredibly warm welcome that guests are given by the Thai family who own it and secondly for the great value and tasty Thai food served. Nestled among a vast number of other Asian restaurants including Vietnamese and Cambodian, Ying Thai is a pure gem. The food is reputed to be very genuine and the amount of chilli and spices used has not been toned down to ease the effect upon western taste buds. The staff are friendly, and repeat visitors are often greeted on first name basis, a real family affair in every way. The kitchen serves commonly recognised Asian dishes along with fascinating Thai specialities, all of which are well priced and great tasting.

Camy Shanghai Dumpling & Noodle Restaurant
25 Tatterstalls la, Melbourne 3000
Telephone: (03) 9663 8555
Cuisine: Chinese
First time visitors to the Camy Shanghai Dumpling & Noodle Restaurant can be forgiven for thinking the establishment is nothing more than an ageing and run down affair. The run down and well worn look has nothing to do with upkeep and everything to do with popularity, this popular eating places simply gets worn out very quickly due to the volume of customers. The combination of low prices and excellent food makes Camy Shanghai Dumpling & Noodle Restaurant a firm favourite with everyone. Portions are large and inexpensive with the average dish costing around $9. The Peking pork dumplings are especially recommended and arrive stacked high on the plate.

Australia restaurants

Australia midrange restaurants

The Alley at Cronulla
Shop 5, Beach Park Arcade, Cronulla 2230
Telephone: (02) 9523 1530
Cuisine: Contemporary Australian
Visitors to Cronulla may well overlook The Alley at Cronulla and this is not surprising as it is tucked away in the back alleys of Cronulla. However, it is well worth taking the time to track down The Alley at Cronulla as it is considered to be one of the finest restaurants of its kind in Australia. The Alley at Cronulla is a simple and unpretentious cafe where the decor takes a back seat to the food. Tables are strewn across the footpath outside in a seemingly random fashion, and when occupied are often piled high with the high quality contemporary Australian cuisine that the establishment has gained notoriety for. The Alley at Cronulla is run as a family business, bringing a mix of incredible food, old world charm and family values.

Notting Hill Hotel
260-262 Ferntree Gully Rd, Notting Hill 3168
Telephone: (03) 9544 3031
Cuisine: Modern Australian
This hotel and restaurant complex has been run by the same family for over 70 years. The original building has been extended time and time again and is now a charming sprawl of luxury dining rooms, comfortable lounges and chic bars. A firm favourite with visitors and locals alike is the well maintained beer garden, and excellent place to enjoy a relaxing afternoon sampling some of the most reasonably priced and good quality food in the area. The Notting Hill Hotel is in a fairly remote location but this does not stop hordes of visitors flocking to the place daily to sample their wares. The food is of excellent quality and delivered in dauntingly large portions, it is always prepared from fresh ingredients and is simple and tasty.

Clyde Restaurant
207 Nelson Pl, Williamstown 3016
Telephone: (03) 9399 9843
Cuisine: Mediterranean with major Italian influences
Situated in the newly refurbished premises of the Yacht Club Hotel the Clyde Restaurant provides a touch of glamour and luxury to the visiting tourists. A large and opulent establishment which has been divided into several spacious areas. At the front of the building is a pavement cafe serving light snacks and full meals. Running along the side of the building is the restaurant area proper, bringing Mediterranean food with a distinctly Italian influence, prepared by renowned chef Greg Feck. In the centre of the building is a large bar area with a sumptuous and comfortable lounge. Prices are not cheap but the style is impressive, great food in a luxurious setting.

Simone's Restaurant
98 Gavan St Corner of Ashwoord Ave, Bright 3741
Telephone: (03) 5755 2266
Cuisine: Italian
A real taste of Italy can be found at Simone's. The local scenery seems to add the ambience, especially in the spring and autumn as the golden leaves appear upon the surrounding trees. The food at Simone's has been described as "startlingly authentic" by food critics; testimony to this is visible in the form of the many Italian diners which frequent the place. The wine list is extensive with many Italian favourites available to suit a wide price range. A visit to Simone's is a gastronomic delight in every way. Prices are competitive with a decent meal including wine at around $35.

Mulligan's Irish Restaurant
137 Cleveland St, Chippendale 2008
Telephone: (02) 9319 5582
Cuisine: Irish
Every visitor to Mulligan's Irish Restaurant is greeted with a warm Irish welcome. Mulligan's Irish Restaurant is one of the few Irish restaurants to be found in Sydney, not to be confused with an Irish Pub, this establishment combines live entertainment with tasty and filling food. A great place to begin a night out in Sydney, with traditional Irish favourites available including Irish stew, all washed down with a pint or two of Guinness. Pricing is fairly modest at Mulligan's Irish Restaurant with two courses costing around $45, well worth the price if you consider that the venue offers entertainment of a quality high enough to provide an entire night out.


Australia fine dining

Belltower Restaurant & Booie Range Distillery
Haydens Rd Corner, Schellbachs Rd, Booie 4610
Telephone: (07) 4162 7000
Cuisine: Modern Australian
Located in the Kingaroy Environs the Belltower Restaurant & Booie Range Distillery features progressive Australian cuisine prepared by resident chef Michael Collins. The establishment contains two separate areas, firstly the old distillery which still produces an excellent single malt whiskey and several other types of spirits. The restaurant area displays two separate faces depending upon the time of day. During daylight hours the Belltower Restaurant & Booie Range Distillery offers simple cafe style food, in the evening the scene changes and an impressive menu of dishes with a modern Australian theme are offered. Dishes average around $25 each, making this one of the pricier restaurants in the area however the food is of exceptional standard.

10 Oxford St, Woollahra 2025
Telephone: (02) 9331 2325
Cuisine: French
A short time ago Chui Lee Luk took over the management of Claude's from her long time mentor Tim Pak Poy. Critics were quick to comment that they believed the quality of the establishment would suffer due to this change of leadership. Opinions were soon proven wrong and Claude's remains a perfect example of just what a fine dining establishment should be. Claude's is a restaurant that is all about food and wine, the cuisine is impeccably presented and cram packed with flavour, the wine list is not extensive but what vintages are available are all excellent examples of their type. More price conscious visitors are allowed to bring their own wine although a $10 corkage fee is charged. The decor at Claude's is somewhat lacking, although this is a restaurant which is visited for the food not the scenery.

The Oyster Bar Mead's
15 Johnson Parade, Mosman Park 6012
Telephone: (08) 9383 3388
Cuisine: Modern Australian
The Oyster Bar Mead's is renowned as a veritable institution, a superb fine dining experience presented in breathtaking surroundings and impeccable decor. The Oyster Bar Mead's is suspended entirely over the water, offering stunning views. The Oyster Bar Mead's is a glamorous and luxurious eating establishment, one which is favoured by the affluent and wealthy, to be seen at The Oyster Bar Mead's is considered to be a major social leg up. The restaurant is open for three spate sitting each day; breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is meticulously presented and prepared to exacting standards, tasty and delightful to eat. Part of the restaurant has been turned into an oyster bar, where patrons can sip expensive champagne whilst eating the very best fresh oysters available.

Taxi Dining Room
Level 1, Transport, Federation Square, Swanston St Corner of Flinders St, Melbourne 3000
Telephone: (03) 9654 8808
Cuisine: Contemporary & Japanese Fusion
The Taxi Dining Room has recently recruited the world class chef Michael Lambie and this single move has done much to put the Taxi Dining Room on the culinary map. The Taxi Dining Room is considered to be one of if not the most exclusive restaurants in Melbourne and for a very good reason. An intriguing mix of old world charm and modern, chic decor form a fusion of styles that is reflected in the food on offer. Michael Lambie creates a stunning array of innovative Contemporary & Japanese Fusion dishes which are sure to delight the visitor. Visitors are treated to an exceptional dining experience in every area from the food to the service, definitely worth a visit for anybody visiting Melbourne with a taste for great food.


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