Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale

Australia romantic accommodation

Experiences in Australia

Accommodation aimed primarily at couples can be found all around Australia , both in capital cities and in rural and tourist areas. In the cities, it will often be in small hotels or guesthouses, close to restaurants and other city attractions. However, most romantic getaways are to be found outside the capital cities, taking in the beauty and seclusion of the natural environment - places like rainforest and mountains; ocean and islands.

Accommodation is generally either self-contained, for that secluded getaway, or in a resort-style complex. There are often superb views of the surrounding environment and places to go for a leisurely stroll together. Self-contained cabins and cottages in cooler climates often have an open fire for that extra touch of romance. Facilities at resort complexes can include pool, spa, and massage services.

Prices start from around $150 per couple per night but most are more in the $200 to $400 a night range. In most cases, this includes breakfast or breakfast provisions. Some resorts, however, can be much more expensive – anything up to about $3500 or more per night and there is sometimes a minimum two or three night stay. However, the cost at these resorts often includes things such as meals, non-alcoholic drinks, personal service, and some activities, such as the use of bicycles or non-motorised watercraft.


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