Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale


Experiences in Australia

Two thousand people live in the agricultural town of Scottsdale, Tasmania, which lies about 64 kilometers northeast of Launceston.  Most of the potato chips marketed by Birds Eye foods are produced here.

The Doll and Bear Cottage
A collection of over 300 unique dolls and bears are on display at the Doll and Bear Cottage at 52 King Street, Scottsdale, Tasmania.  The collection is housed on the grounds of a historic Queen Anne Federation home known as "Omar." 

Forest EcoCentre
The Forest EcoCentre, located at 88 King Street in Scottsdale, features information about Tasmania's forestry industry housed in a very unusual building.  The building, specially designed to demonstrate excellent energy saving, looks something like a huge glass bucket that is sitting crooked on the ground.  Also on the compound is the Forestry Tasmania office building that features and indoor forest.

Fernmania, located in Scottsdale, Tasmania, is a nursery that harvests and exports tree ferns.  In addition to learning about these fascinating plants, there is a platypus that lives on the premises.

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