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Australia skydiving

Experiences in Australia

A sport for adrenalin junkies and thrill seekers, skydiving can be experienced three different ways: freefalling or static line jumps which both involve prior training, or you can experience the freefall feeling in tandem with a jump instructor. For a tandem jump you need no prior experience or training, you just need to be over 14 years old (with parental permission) and under a certain weight which may vary from one centre to another, but is usually about 100 to 110kg.

Once the decision’s made and the fee is paid, you will be harnessed to a skydiving tandem master, flown up to about 13,000 feet ( 4,000 metres) where the tandem master jumps out of the plane with you attached. What a thrill and, oh, what a fabulous view you have of the local area.


Initially you fall very fast, perhaps 190kmph (120mph), until the canopy opens when you glide slowly and gracefully down to the ground. The instructor will make you sure have a safe and gentle landing and you can walk away with a filmed record of your experience!

Skydiving, or parachuting, is a very popular sport in Australia and can be experienced at Sydney, Hunter Valley, Coffs Harbour, Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Victorian Goldfields, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Hervey Bay, Mission Beach, Adelaide, Perth, North-western Australia and various other locations.

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