Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale

Coastal Magic - Sydney to Brisbane

Experiences in Australia

This itinerary can be done on its own, or it could be added to the previous one of if you have the time.

Day 1 – Sydney to Port Stephens
The drive North from Sydney takes you past Newcastle and then on the Port Stephens area. Port Stephens is a huge natural harbour that is actually much larger than the one at Sydney . Not surprisingly the focus in the area is very much on aquatic activities. If you prefer more leisurely pursuits, the region is well worth a visit for the scenery alone.

Day 2 – Port Stephens to Port Macquarie
Continue North via the coastal route, stopping at as many of the charming little seaside towns and beaches as you can fit into a day. Plan to end your day at Port Macquarie a lively coastal town with much to commend it. The kids will like the fact that it is known as the ‘Koala Capital of Australia'!

Day 3 - Port Macquarie to Byron Bay
Try to hug to coast as closely as possible today and you will be rewarded with views of some of the most stunning beaches that you are ever likely to encounter. End your day at the Eastern-most point on the Australian mainland, the iconic beach resort Byron Bay.

Day 4 – Byron Bay to Gold Coast
The further you travel North the clearer it becomes that you are nearing Brisbane and the huge resort areas that surrounds it. The Southeast corner of Queensland is dominated by the Gold Coast area. The focus here is very much on mass tourism and you will be spoilt for choice in terms of places to stay and things to do. Surfers Paradise is perhaps the best known part of the Gold Coast and would be the best place to head to for a taste of full-on Aussie style beach and surfing culture.

Day 5 – Gold Coast to Brisbane
It is a relatively short drive from Gold Coast to the centre of Brisbane. Get an early start and spend the day exploring as much as possible of the vibrant Queensland state capital.

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